Joshi Unveils Debut Single “Young Lovers” – Out March 5th


Joshi Unveils Debut Single “Young Lovers” – Out March 5th

Los Angeles, CA – March 5, 2024 ( –  “Joshi, the emerging star in the EDM/Pop/Latin scene makes a big splash in the discography industry and announces his debut single Young Lovers. It was produced by Reyna Trevinoand written by Joshi. The pre-release will be on March 4th, followingthe official release on March 5th, 2024across all digital platforms including iTunes, and Spotify.

The single “Young Lovers” is infused with a new-age twist of melodic beats, sounds from the golden decade of the 80s, Pop, and his unique musical essence. Making it uncomplicated for Joshi to stay on the listeners’ radar. Inspired by Lady Gaga, the song delves into the musicians’ personal experiences, portraying the journey from being liberated from toxic relationships to self-discovery and self-love. It’s nectar to the ears and soothing for the soul!

Joshi’s performance history is diverse and vibrant from high school drama clubs to private events and small gatherings. With a rich family history of music, Joshi’s musical roots run deep, and the spark was ignited by the influence of a supportive grandmother and the dreams of one day becoming a successful musician. A unique voice and the ability to infuse emotion into any song definethe musician’s signature style. Joshi states, Growing up in the city of la Habra, singing outside with my karaoke amongst my neighborhood and doing a show for them every day was one of my best highlights cause they were all supportive and they kept on telling me that one day I would be a successful musician.”

Looking ahead, Joshi envisions releasing an album, touring, and a life filled with the joy of creating music to inspire others and helping them relentlessly pursue their dreams. While not currently associated with nonprofit organizations, Joshi aspires to contribute to foundations like “Born This Way Foundation” and “Beauty 2 The Streetz”.

With an unwavering determination and a voice that resonates with authenticity, the singer/songwriter Joshi is thrilled to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

“Young Lovers” will be released through Trevino Music Group/Ingrooves and available across all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal on March 5th, 2024! The “Young Lovers Running Away Club Re-Mix” will also follow, being released on March 12th.

“An Ecstatic Anthem Dedicated to Self-love, Self-discovery and Liberation “

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